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Caroline Londergan

Lolita San Miguel and Pilates Master Caroline Londergan

Caroline Londergan

2nd Generation Master Teacher Trainer

International Pilates Educator

Caroline Londergan was the first to introduce the amazing benefits of Pilates to The White House, the United States Secret Service, and the Washington D.C. SWAT Team. Over the two-year contract with The White House she designed personalized Pilates and Yoga sessions for the members of Capital Hill, CIA Agents, Secret Service Agents and White House Officials.


Most recently, she has been commissioned to provide Continuing Education Workshops for Pilates Teachers in Tokyo, Japan. She will be making 3 separate trips and creating special workshops for Mat Pilates, Pilates for Pregnancy, Osteoporosis and Scoliosis.


Caroline was chosen to study with distinguished Pilates Elder, Lolita San Miguel, over a two-year period to become a 2nd Generation Pilates Master Teacher. Ms. Miguel is the only remaining descendent to receive a Pilates Certificate from Joseph Pilates himself. Caroline traveled to Monchengladbach, Germany with Ms. Miguel for the Annual Pilates International Congress to honor Joseph Pilates place of birth and demonstrated exercises on stage with Ms. Miguel during her opening Mat Class. After multiple trips to mentor with Lolita San Miguel in Florida, she graduated the Master Mentor Program in 2013.


Over the last 18 years, Caroline studied multiple classical and contemporary teaching methods of Pilates including Romana's Pilates, The PhysicalMind Institute/The Method Pilates, STOTT Pilates, and Balanced Body University. Caroline's certifications include Pilates Mat, 500+ hour Comprehensive Pilates Apparatus, Protocols of Osteoporosis, Muscle Imbalance Assessment and Correction, Gait Analysis, Pre-Natal and Post-Natal Pilates for Pregnancy through the Pilates Method Alliance. She also has extensive training and clinical experience in injury prevention and rehabilitation, sports conditioning, and scoliosis correction. She received her 200 RYT through the Yoga Alliance in 2006. This knowledge gives her the ability to analyze and solve the bodies' unique intricacies, while decoding many different movement patterns and misalignments.


Caroline has worked with many athletes, dancers, and celebrities, as well as those young, old, injured and healthy. She is honored to pass on the incredible teachings of Joseph Pilates to her clients and teacher training students. Caroline believes there is nothing more rewarding than seeing her clients achieve profound physical changes while grasping the miraculous mental connections of the mind and body working harmoniously. Caroline embodies a healthy and active lifestyle. She values learning and continues her Pilates education through the Pilates Method Alliance accredited workshops. Caroline is the Pilates expert contributor for the Los Angeles Examiner. 


In addition to Pilates, Caroline was a professional dancer for over 8 years. She graduated cum laude with a BFA in Dance Performance, Choreography, and Education from Ohio University. After eight years of touring and dancing professionally all over the country, she opened the first White House Pilates of five studios in Hermosa Beach in 2009. The White House Pilates locations in Redondo Beach and Manhattan Beach opened in 2012, Torrance studio in 2017 and Marina Del Rey opened in 2020. She established the White House Pilates Teacher Training Program in 2013. Graduates of her teacher training program hold the elite title of "3rd Generation Pilates Instructor" and have direct 160+ contact hours with Caroline to develop their eye for detail and the ability to custom-tailor focused and effective sessions for every client type.

Joseph Pilates Memorial

 Mönchengladbach, Germany.


Caroline Londergan Graduating Pilates Master Training

Pilates Master Graduation

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