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Upon graduation of the White House Pilates Teacher Training Comprehensive program, students will have earned the title of 
3rd Generation Pilates Instructor 
under the legacy of Joseph H. Pilates himself.
There are very few places in the world you can study and earn this elite title.


  • Be elite. You will hold a "3rd Generation Pilates Instructor" title.

  • This course will cover the classical and contemporary methods of the Pilates exercises in great depth and detail as well as additional information that is typically reserved for continuing education courses.

  • Students will complete a Student Teaching/ Apprenticeship position at the studios before graduation and certification.​

  • The rare ability to teach both Private Sessions and Group Classes will be covered in this course. (Most teacher training programs only offer Private Session training ability.) You will be able to implement the Pilates method into the fast paced and progressive fitness industry.

  • Develop a "trained eye" so you can quickly assess, select the correct exercises for each individual client. Truly teach to the body in front of you as Mr. Pilates intended of his method.​

  • Director of the program, Caroline Londergan, will comprehensively educate you in the Pilates (Contrology) Method, as well as prepare you to take the Pilates Method Alliance Exam with confidence.

  • You will be able to instruct the Pilates method to any client, regardless of their fitness level or physical limitations.

  • Upon graduation of the program, and passing of the Pilates Method Alliance exam; your certification will be recognized world wide.

  • Continuing education credits will be offered world wide through the any internationally recognized Pilates Method Alliance workshop. 


160 hrs of In Class Demonstrations, Anatomy of Movement Lectures, Assessments, Exercise Labs (Course Dates)
155 hrs of Observation & Self-Practice (at your own pace)
185 hrs of Hands-on Student Teaching (at your own pace)​

This course is designed for you to move at your own pace. If you devote approx. 20 hours per week in the studio you can expect to complete your program in around 5-7 months.

Observation, Self Practice, & Teaching Hours may be completed over the complete months of study. 



  1. The history and methodology of Joseph Pilates

  2. Kinesiology, Bony Landmarks, and Human Anatomy as applied to movement

  3. Analyze and identify postural and muscular imbalances to create personalized workouts with maximum results-oriented fitness program for each client

  4. Comprehensive Classical and Contemporary Pilates Exercises: Mat, Reformer, Cadillac/Tower, Wunda Chair, High Barrel, Spine Corrector

  5. Incorporate the use of Props (magic circle, roller, theraband, swiss ball, hand weights)

  6. Hands-on teaching practice, cueing and adjustments

  7. Imagery and Visualizations

  8. Methods of exercise modifications

  9. Proper form and alignment protocols for each exercise

  10. New exercises developed by contemporary Pilates leaders

  11. Contraindications for injuries and special populations

  12. How to develop and personalize workouts for multiple fitness levels

  13. Conduct safe and effective group reformer and mat classes

  14. Business skills to prepare you to work in the fitness industry

  15. Ability to go at your own pace to complete all your required hours

  16. 24/7 access to all WHP studios for Self-Practice hour completion


  • Prior knowledge of basic anatomy is strongly suggested

  • Completion of at least 20 hours of traditional Pilates Mat & Reformer Practice

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